Thursday, March 22, 2012

Daffodil Days

So, I had my my first appointment with Oncologist #1 yesterday. I have to say, despite having to wait an hour to see him, it was well worth the wait. He is a very welcoming and personal man, and we felt very comfortable speaking with him. He is very thorough with his information and even wrote down notes for us, which was very helpful since we get too wrapped up in listening and forget to write things down. I don't have the energy to go in depth about the information we received, but I will say I agree with his prescribed treatment plan (so far). Of course it is a little nerve wracking. He would start chemotherapy asap and it would take 5 months to complete. The goal is to shrink the tumor enough to get it away from my chest wall (pectoralis muscle) before surgery. Then I would be on hormone therapy after surgery for 5 years to make sure the cancer does not come back. That's basically it in a nutshell.

Oh yeah, I was given these beautiful daffodils on my way out the office. Daffodil Days is American Cancer Society's fundraiser and awareness program that offers daffodils to donors every spring in appreciation of their contribution. Anyway, their brightness brings optimism every time I look at them. =)

Next up on the schedule: I have an appointment tomorrow for a MRI led biopsy on my right side to see if the area of concern has cancer cells. My case will also be brought up in a Tumor Board meeting. I have 4 more appointments scheduled over the next 2 weeks to meet with other oncologist and surgeons to get their view points on my situation.

I have a long "to do" list that is slowly dwindling down, but it feels empowering when I am able to cross off one of those things. Baby steps. One thing at a time, one day at a time, and one day closer to kicking this "C" to the curb. I've been on a emotional roller coaster this week dealing with reality. There is times when I get frustrated....then get insecure....then upset...stressed...then back to feeling empowered (especially after a kick-a$$ work out). I really am grateful for Trevor, my family, and the support network I have around me.

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