Thursday, March 29, 2012

Is there really light at the end of the tunnel?

I'm really beginning to grimace when Wednesdays come around. It seems the past 3 Wednesdays I have been dealt a tough hand of cards. I'm definitely growing weary of all the different doctor appointments, going to work, etc. I think I'm definitely due for some good luck any day now.

Monday: I had an appointment with a Surgical Oncologist specializing in breast surgeries. Not much to say about her, except I was not too impressed. She was not very personal or welcoming. Instead of taking time to talk with us, she put is in front of a laptop for 35 minutes to watch a video on either information we already knew or did not pertain to me. Afterward, she spent 15 minutes about her prescribed plan of surgery. Meh. No rapport built. That's that.

Wednesday: I had an appointment with a fertility doctor that has added a bit more stressful decision making in a limited amount of time. More to come on that topic at a later date. On top of all this, my car decides to bite the dust. Yep, Little Red is no longer with me. Her engine went out and the cost to repair it is just not worth it . She lasted a good 12 years though. So now I have to add "Car Shopping" to my list of things "To Do". Is all this really happening?!! I don't think I have ever been this stressed and frustrated. It is to the point where I just start laughing to keep myself from crying. Murphy's Law.

Thursday: I woke up completed exhausted and drained. It was definitely a little difficult to stay 100% focused at work with all this "extra" stuff on my mind. Luckily all the kiddos were angels. =)  I had a 3rd opinion with a Breast Specialist team today (both the surgeon AND oncologist in the same room. HUGE plus). Let's just say within the first 20 minutes of our conversation I point blank said, "I have found my team of doctors! Thank goodness!". There was not a doubt in my mind and I felt the most comfortable and confident with this team. Common thread with the other doctors: masectomy in left breast, chemotherapy, reconstructive surgery, 5 years of Tamoxifen. What impressed me was the fact they want additional testing to analyze the cancer inside the cell. As it stands now, my cancer is what they call Luminal B, intermediate grade ductal, T2 (size), Node 0. Which means, no lymphnodes are involved, the size between 2 and 3 cm (making it between a stage 1 and 2). They want to find out more about the genetic make-up of the cancer cells of each tumor to see how it will react to chemotherapy before my treatment plan begins. This doctor is wanting to do TC instead of AC like the other oncologists suggested. AC has quite a few side effects in the long run, is linked to Leukemia, and my type of cancer (estrogen sensitive) does not respond too well with it. Since my cancer is ER(+), PR(+), HER-2-NEU(-), I am completely "curable" and TC works best with this type. I will know more specifics on the treatment plan once they complete the additional testing.

So, my week is ending on a positive note. THANK GOD! A huge weight has been lifted and one more thing has been crossed off my list. I have found my team of doctors! A sigh of relief. Ahhhhh....

BTW, I really apologize if I have yet to return any calls or emails in the past few weeks, as you can see, I've been pretty overwhelmed (so don't take it personal). I promise to respond once I get some breathing room. In the meantime, please keep up with my blog. It's the easiest way for me to "respond" and keep everyone updated on things all at once. All the positive feedback and supportive words are genuinely appreciated and very much needed. I cannot express how much each response means to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! =)


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