Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Expansion Time

What an uplifting week it has been...literally and figuratively. I enjoyed my weekend, had a good doctor's appointment Monday, and reached a milestone Tuesday and today.

Rock'n it
My range of motion in my arms are getting better with each day. I now have about 90% back in my left arm and about 75% in my right arm. I feel comfortable enough to drive short distances, however turning the steering wheel a certain way is still a little difficult. I ventured out to the movies Friday, rested Saturday, and enjoyed the beach on Sunday. Sun and sand was definitely well needed (even if it was for only an hour), although I was quite exhausted walking back to the car from the beach as it was all uphill. I actually had to stop a couple times to regain myself. The combination of driving and going to the beach was a bit much for the body. Needless to say, I crashed pretty hard once I got home.

Monday I had another follow up with the doctor and everything checked out well! I am about 99% healed superficially, but still have fluid built up around the expanders. I guess they took my second set of drains out a day or two too early. They were able to aspirate most of the fluid from my right side, but not so much from my left side. This did not stop them from expanding me though, which I was quite excited. So, yes, I had my first expansion of 75cc. And, NO, I did not need any muscle relaxers or pain killers as the the tightness feeling was minimal. :) Because they were not able to aspirate much fluid from my left side, I have to go back in on Monday for another check-up. I think they should reserve a room just for me, since I have been there every week since May 14.

I've had a few inquiries curious about the expanders and the process. Rather than me trying to paint a perfect picture, here are a couple images of how the expanders are inserted.

The surgery is performed to expand the muscle so that there is enough breast pocket volume available to create a shapely and proportioned breast. So the expander is empty when first implanted in the muscle. I will go in every 2 weeks now to get injections of saline until I am comfortable with the size. The expander has a metal port where the doctor inserts the needle for the injections. I don't have a great photo of it, but this one will do in order to give you an idea. Because I they have metal on them, I have an identification card stating I have these implanted should I travel by plane anytime soon. Fun times. HA!

You will not defeat me!
Let's see, oh yes, yesterday I finally was able to walk up our 3 flights of stairs (twice) without getting winded! I am super excited about this as my stamina is getting better. My next goal is to walk uphill without getting winded, WHICH I know I will meet in no time. Today I walked 1 mile with the last half mile being up hill, and I was not as winded as I had expected to be. I was definitely pumped when I finished! I can't wait to get back into the CrossFit mix! Baby steps though, gotta walk before I can run.

Lastly, I want to briefly mention a great project my brother put together in order to raise funds for breast cancer research. He is a photographer and put together this calendar featuring classic cars...and girls. ;) The calendar goes through March 2013, so you still have time if you are in need of a calendar and want to support breast cancer research. Here is a sneak peak of Ms. September.

That is all the time I have for today. I hope you all have a wonderful week and even better weekend! Off to nap after that amazing walk....


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