Tuesday, June 5, 2012

So Close, Yet So Far Away

I met with my team of surgeons this morning and my surgery has been postponed until June 21st. One of my incisions on the right breast has not healed and is a little infected, which is supposedly not "abnormal", but a little surprising considering my great health. It's the last & farthest place the blood flows to on the nipple. It has not received an adequate amount of blood supply yet, so a layer of the skin is dying. This increases the possibility of losing a little pigment in that area. I do not fear this in the least bit, as my health is far more important than losing color in an area on my body that is covered on a daily basis. The surgeons want to hold off until it is completely healed in order to prevent further complications during the mastectomy. In the meantime, I have been ordered to begin tamoxifen to prevent growth of the tumors in my left breast. No worries though, I am making the best of the situation, continuing living life, and focusing on being cancer-free. =)

I have also done extensive research and have explored an additional route to treatment post-surgery. I will go in further detail at a later date, so "stay tuned".

I apologize for my shortest update yet, but this is all the time I have today since my family is in town from Texas.


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