Wednesday, June 27, 2012

And Then There Were 2

Happy Days
My apologies for not giving an update yesterday on my first post-op appointment, but my energy level was pretty much zapped after being at the doctor's office for 2 hours. So without further ado...

First off, I have not taken a pain killer since Sunday. YES, I did say within 3 days of surgery. And I don't think I really needed them on Sunday but it was advised as a precautionary measure. I am still having issues with my upper back and neck area, along with a little soreness where the drains are inserted. The only time when I feel discomfort, aside from the being "milked" is when I laugh. Ok, I'm getting a little off task.

I'm Golden
My post-op appointment went as well as expected and both surgeons were not the least bit surprised. While waiting in my room to see the doctors, I pranced around the room admiring my body in their mirror. I told my mom and Trevor, "Man, my chest and abs look super lean! I'm ripped, and I am going to embrace this time period and love my body." Of course they just shook their heads and said only I would say something like that. :) I even shared this with the nurse who took my vitals, and she chuckled and said I had the perfect attitude. Anyway, my drains are now a clear golden color, which is ideal. Because the drainage was ideal in amount, "utters" #2 and #4 were taken out. Utters #1 and #3 are moving along nicely but need to stay in a little while longer. As for the healing of the chest, my right nipple is supposedly on track and creating adequate blood flow. As I mentioned before, my left side took the biggest beating (physically), so the nipple is still looking a little dusky. My plastic surgeon will not be adding any cc to my expanders for at least another 4 weeks, as he wants to make sure I'm healing properly. **Yep, I'm pretty much a badass warrior. I owe thanks to CrossFit for making my body so tough and strong. I cannot WAIT to knock off some PRs on the big board and knock off some fellow female crossfitters off the leader boards.** :)

Down to 2 utters :)
Now for even better news! My surgeon is basically a Super Hero. He was able to clear the margin and absolutely NO CANCER CELLS were left behind on my muscle or skin. He even admitted he had been a little nervous at the very end of the surgery but felt confident he was able to get it all. Now, I have to schedule an appointment with my oncologist to see if I need an additional treatment plan other than Tamoxifen.

Today, I met with my Complimentary and Alternative Medicine doctor. I will be starting acupuncture on my back to relieve the discomfort in my neck and scapula area from surgery. I am very excited about this integrated medicine and cannot wait to get a treatment plan in line to better my way of living. I also treated myself to have my hair washed by my stylist, and it is ah-mazing how something so simple uplifts your mood. :)

So the healing and recovery seems to be on track, it's "life" that can be a little frustrating at times. A man does not fully understand what a woman's body goes through after such a major surgery, which is expected. I am obviously mentally and physically fine, but what they (meaning a man) DON'T understand is I am not SUPPOSE to be doing a lot of things that I feel I am capable of doing for myself. Little things like opening the car door, getting my seatbelt on, dressing my upper body, carrying a plate of food, opening my prescription bottles, brushing my hair, washing my face, etc. It's all the little things one takes for granted, and the misconception I am more independent than expected. No, I am NOT fully independent. Yes, I need help with the simple everyday things. I can use the restroom by myself, dress my lower body, etc. These things don't involve me lifting my arms past a certain point. It's the nurturing aspect of life a man has somewhat of hard time understanding, mainly because it's in the genetic make-up of most women to carry this trait. I have faith in my fiance. He is a very bright man, and by observing my mom (who knows me the best as her daughter and a woman herself) he is understanding more of my needs.

I also get pretty tired easily, so any activity involving going out of the apartment more than an hour just zaps my energy, and I end up napping a couple hours afterward. I feel once my back is "fixed", I will feel a little better therefor having more energy. Until then, my mom has made sure I get the right balance of activity and rest. Trevor has been ever so gentle and trying  to understanding my body and limits a little more each day. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be on his end, but he is the perfect balance for me and knows exactly what to say to calm me in frustrating times. Sometimes he is caught between a rock and a hard spot when outside people ask favors of him, not really thinking he has a "job" of taking care of his fiance (future wife!) during this important time despite having help from my mother. It's times like this that make a couple grow stronger. I am very grateful for having my mother here helping us. We have laughed. Laughed a lot, which can be painful for me....but it's worth it. Things happen for a reason, and I feel the bond between my mother and I have grown ever so stronger. I thank her daily and let her know how grateful I am of her.

And this is all the energy I have for today. I leave you all with an ever so gentle hug. :)



  1. Day by day my friend! Glad you are doing as good as can be and maintaining that wonderful positive attitude.

  2. Thanks for keeping your famitly and friends posted. I am so glad to hear that your doctor and you have defeated the cancer. This is wonderful news. Your attitude also helps with the healing. Keep up the recovery. Hope to see you some time soon. My prayers are with you.

  3. This post gave me chills, Allyson. I was reading it, and thinking, "She's not taking pain meds, she's loving her body, the cancer is GONE...girl, you are DOING IT: KICKING CANCER'S ASS!!" Woohooo!!!

    I also had to laugh at your comments about Trevor trying to intuit what you need and how it's easier for a woman (like your mom, in this case) to do that (it's just a female skill...what can we say?). Here is my little bit of advice after 15 years of marriage: Get over wanting him to just know what you want/need...and just tell him. I'm totally serious - cancer or no cancer - men really want to do right by us, and sometimes they are flying blindly. If you tell him what it is you want/need, you'll see that he will be willing to practically break his back to give it to you :-)

  4. Go Ally!! I've been thinking of you and praying for you girl. I was especially doing so on your big surgery day. So grateful you're healing up so well (and so quickly!). Sad I missed group this week. I so would have liked to have seen you, but it's unfortunately been a hectic week for me. >_<

    Hope the rest of your recovery is just as easy as this first part has been! You're a rock star my friend! Keep it up!


  5. So happy to hear you are healing so well! Thinking of you...and your family often.

    Love ya,
    April (Markle) Schmaltz