Sunday, July 8, 2012

Life's Lessons: The Recovery Phase

Yep, procrastination has gotten the better of me and my mind elsewhere, thus why I haven't updated my blog in about a week. I am realizing the toughest part of this journey is the recovery phase. I am not talking about just the healing process, but everything else that comes along with the territory of recovering.

I had my second "post-op" appointment Thursday, July 5th and was ecstatic the doctor took out my last two drains! I feel somewhat normal now, although the sites where my drains were inserted are a little sore. I can actually lay on my side now and save my poor back from the stiffness of laying on it all the time. So far, there have been no detours in the healing process so my chest is coming along nicely. Both sides seem to be getting adequate amount of blood supply now. If my plastic surgeon sees fit, I may be getting my first injections of saline this Wednesday. *crossing fingers* I am still limited in movement and am only suppose to lift things weighing 5 pounds or less. I have done a good job at listening to my body and not over-stretching myself. I was told I should be able to start running again & easing back into CrossFit come August. THANK GOODNESS!

From my Family
My mom has been an angel in disguise during my initial recovery, although she flew back to Texas a week ago. Of course I miss our time together, but her help is what I've missed the most. Being thousands of miles away from family has made this journey tough, but I know God has a plan and this is where I am suppose to be. I mean, it will only make me that much stronger.

I feel so blessed to have so many caring people in my life willing to aid in my recovery. While I am not one to ask for help, I do understand and have accepted the fact I need assistance during this time. There have been some frustrating moments during this recovery process (as I mentioned in my last blog). It is very difficult for a person on the outside to understand the needs of person recovering from a bi-lateral mastectomy. I wouldn't expect anyone to fully understand, but I would expect to be listened to and my needs heard.

I took some friendly advice from a response to my last blog (Thanks Mina!). I have made it clear my exact needs to my better half, and I am just at a standpoint right now. Those of you who really know me, know I am not a needy person. There are things I am comfortable with and things I am not comfortable with, and I have made sure to express these things quite clearly. I feel I am being realistic, although I am told I'm not. Sometimes when you have too many people willing to help, it is easy to pawn the responsibility off on someone else. I understand this time may be difficult for him too, but this is the only way a couple grows together. We are  suppose to be each other's responsibility & priority, not that of other people. This path was chosen for me, and the situation is what it is. I feel circumstances like this is a crutial test to any relationship. It is a good opportunity to learn more about ourselves and each other. I have faith we will get through this, but it has been a very tough learning experience thus far. On a more positive note, Trevor has learned the ways of a female's hair. Yes, he has brushed and fixed my hair...and actually did a very good job at it. The more challenging part was washing my hair. I was not able to take a shower for almost 2 weeks, only "bird-baths" to avoid infection in the drains. Looking back, I'm not exactly sure how we managed such a task but we did. Although it took 40 minutes, he did an amazing job! I think this little act of love made me fall-in love with him even more. :)

Words of Wisdom
This is just one other "thing" a breast cancer survivor deals with on this journey. It's not just about the cancer, our bodies, and doctors, but the things we go through with our loved ones and the little things in Life many people take for granted. Aside from this little bump in the road, I am beyond grateful for the people who have taken time out of their daily schedule to help me with either walking Kona, bringing me food, taking me to the movies, shooting me a quick text checking in on me, or just stopping by to say "hi". You guys are awesome and am glad to call you my friend.

I leave you all with a "card" that was mailed to me by my cousin and his family. He lives in Iowa with his wife and 3 precious little girls. It warms my heart when a child makes a "piece of art" on my behalf. I also received a very pretty butterfly bracelet! :) Hugs to all 5 of you!


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  1. Allyson, can tease Trevor that he will be able to change his wedding vows that he has already taken you in sickness and in health...instead of "I do"...he can say "I have and I do". :) I'm joking of course. I'm sorry that's been stressful...

    I hear you saying that there have been some bumps...but it still sounds to me like overall, you're still kicking cancer's ass hard :-) Thanks for the update, girlfriend - keep it up!!