Friday, June 15, 2012

On Track, Take 2

I had my 2nd follow up in regards to the infamous "healing right nipple" yesterday. Fortunately, there was no more infection (YAY!), however it is healing at its own leisurely pace. No worries though, my surgeon was happy to speed the healing process up. Right then. And yes, I did have a minor anxiety attack, because I was not expecting a minor procedure. He numbed the area, then proceeded to scrape off the remaining tissue, in which he discovered a little fluid built up behind it. This was the culprit behind the infection and slow-paced healing, but nothing a little draining couldn't take care of. He stitched the area up, and VOILA!, my right side is back on track to recovering for surgery numero dos. Just when I was getting into a workout routine again, BAM....stitches. Ah well, it's the nature of this game. I know some of you are wondering what exactly caused the infection. To get things straight, it was nothing I did. It happens. :)

In other news, I've had the joys of feeling a couple side effects from the Tamoxifen. Hot flashes, although they aren't severe, but they seem to usually hit me throughout the night. Lack. Of. Sleep. Also, being plain emotional. Not in a bad way, but the little things that either have deep meaning or can warm a person's heart and soul. Yes, I cried while reading one of my books. Cried looking at one of my ancestors (I will get to that in a bit). Cried after reading a comment on my blog. I'm not exactly sure if this is caused by the Tamoxifen, but anyone who really knows me knows I'm not exactly the type to cry....tears of joy nor sadness. 

Because of my "busy" daily schedule (sarcasm, for those of you who don't know me well), I've been recently inspired by all the historical fiction books I've read. It has spurred my interest into finding out more about ancestors, so I started assembling an online family tree in hopes that someday I could put together a book for my children. It's always interesting discovering the roots to your ancestors, but I definitely have my work cut out for me.

That's about enough rambling I will bore you with today. I end today's blog with an inspiring quote from a book I recently read.

“..the fields might fall to fallow and the birds might stop their song awhile; the growing things might die and lie in silence under snow, while through it all the cold sea wore its face of storms and death and sunken hopes...and yet unseen beneath the waves a warmer current ran that, in its time, would bring the spring.”

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