Thursday, May 10, 2012

Best. Sleep. Ever.

Ok, maybe not EVER, but certainly since March 7th. I had my egg retrieval today and all went as well as expected. The anesthesia did wonders, and it was the most sound sleep I have gotten since March. I have at least 3 more rounds with this modern medicine and am kinda looking forward to the restful sleep. Anyway, my doctor was able to retrieve 17 eggs! Makes me very excited about the future, and thankful technology and medicine allows a person to do this. I am feeling quite bloated and a little tender, but feeling very rested and have kept the nausea under control. Since getting home, Kona has made sure I'm "comfortable" by sharing a pillow with me when napping and cuddling with me on the couch. Not to mention, Zoey has done her share of making sure her kitty biscuits are comforting. Calvin gave me gentle kisses on my nose, and Sky...well, he is a little bugger...he ate part of my Kobe beef patty last night. Love my animals and Trevor! =)

I have my pre-op tomorrow morning for my sentinel lymph node biopsy on Monday (I believe I wrote about this a few entries back). Reality is still "slowly" setting in my mind, but I have managed to keep my anxiety under control so far. Strength wins all the time....Right?

More updates come next week!


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