Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Surgery #1

"You have strong veins for the size you are." said the OR nurse. "Dang right I do! I'm strong in more ways than you know." was my response. I don't think I could have found the most perfect team of doctors. I have not had the least bit of anxiety, which means I have the utmost confidence in them. It's nice to find humor and joke around with the doctors and their staff. I definitely am in good hands. =)

My day began at 9:30am and ended at 4:45pm. I was scheduled to have a million different procedures, ok, maybe not really a million, but it felt like it. These were the procedures: left breast biopsy, bilateral subareolar nipple biopsy and nipple delay procedure and bilateral lymphatic mapping, sentinel node biopsy and possible axillary node dissection. Yep. Basically, testing to see if the cancer has spread to my lymph nodes, and testing if the tissue under my nipples will create it's own blood supply for the mastectomy.

Before the actual surgery, I spent 2 hours having the lymphatic mapping done. The tech injected a radioactive die in my breasts, then took pictures with a machine that resembled an MRI machine, only it was quieter and more open. It was pretty cool to look at the images and see my breast glowing. =) I know, I'm weird (or a nerd, which ever you would like to call it), I am infatuated with medical and science devices like this. I though my left shoulder was going to fall off though! I was lying down, but had to hold/lay my arms above my head. Man, my left should flexibility STINKS! Something I definitely need to work on during recovery.

The surgery itself took roughly 2 hours too. Don't have too much to report there, except the OR staff had a great sense of humor...before I was knocked out. I did well with the anesthesia again, only I was very dizzy and faint when I woke up, because I had not eaten since 10pm the night before.  Luckily, there is a gas station next door to the surgery center, and I really did scarf down an entire box of saltines. I probably could have gone for a burger too, but I was advised to eat "light". Pssht. I took the surgery like a BOSS...I need to be rewarded with some FOOD. =)

I have been having a combination of soreness, discomfort and pain (which is expected). Last night, my nipples were in pain and my armpits mildly sore. Today, the roles have reversed, but nothing a little vicodin and sleep can't take care of. I was very "loopy" and out of it all evening yesterday, but feeling somewhat myself today...still a little dizzy. Here is a photo of one my incisions on the left side:

As for the mastectomy, still not scheduled. The doctor wants to see how well I heal from this surgery first. I have a follow up with him on May 22nd. I'm keeping my fingers crossed they will be able to fit me in sooner rather then later.

Here is Zoey making sure I'm taking care of myself, by making kitty biscuits on me and making sure she is comforted too. Silly kitty. =)


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