Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Crossfit Inspiration

Here are a couple breast cancer survivors and their stories that have kept me positive about strength after surgery. As many of you know, my biggest fear is falling out of shape and losing my strength, but these women are an inspiration for me.

"CrossFit. Stephanie is 41 yrs old who raised two beautiful and confident daughters. Stephanie is a cancer survivor! Stephanie also struggles everyday to raise twin sons who have severe special needs. Why do we tell you all of this? Because Stephanie wants other women to know that in the face of impossible odds, you CAN do it. Stephanie LIVES to support women in achieving their goals and dreams." 

"The ultimate piece of my goal was holding this weight overhead 30 times.  This picture signifies a cancer battle won.  It signifies reaching my goals complete with triumphs and tears.  It represents the very end of my recovery.  I have no limitations, my strength is very close to where it was before and nothing is keeping me from doing what I want in the gym.  This picture shows a survivor.  One I am very proud of for getting to where she is today and how she fought her battle."


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