Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Surgery #2

My second surgery has been scheduled for June 6th. I have my pre-op on May 31st, so I will know more specifics as far as location of the surgery. I know I will be admitted into St. Joseph's Hospital in Orange, but that's all the information I currently know.

In the meantime, my incisions are getting a little less sore/painful. Taking a shower is a frigg'n huge ordeal though. OMG, makes me not want to shower...or at least wear a sports bra. Once I was actually clean and able to get my sports bra on, everything was ok. It was the entire process that was exhausting, but Trev did great and helped me (He even washed my hair for me!). It will get easier day by day though. Keeping my eye on the "prize" of be cancer free! =)

June 6th. I will have on my boxing gloves and will be ready for you.


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